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SOFT SKILL: Engaging Conversation 💖

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Having engaging conversations that connect with your interlocutor involves several key strategies:

  1. Active listening: Pay close attention to what the other person is saying and respond in a way that shows you understand and value their perspective. Avoid interrupting and instead, paraphrase what they've said to confirm your understanding.
  2. Showing interest: Ask open-ended questions and express genuine interest in the other person's thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Encourage them to share more about themselves by following up on their statements.
  3. Building rapport: Find common ground by sharing your own thoughts and experiences that are relevant to the conversation. Show empathy and understanding by acknowledging their feelings and perspectives.
  4. Being present: Avoid distractions and give the conversation your full attention. Avoid multitasking and instead, focus on the present moment and the person you are talking to.
  5. Being authentic: Be honest and transparent in your communication. Share your own thoughts and feelings in an appropriate and respectful way.
  6. Being flexible: Be open to changing the topic or direction of the conversation if it seems appropriate. Be willing to adjust your communication style to suit the needs and preferences of the person you are talking to.

Ultimately, connecting with others through conversation is about building trust and understanding through active listening, showing interest, building rapport, being present, being authentic, and being flexible.