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SOFT-SKILL: Engage your team ✊

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You feel that your team is disengaged 😔, that they're going through slow motion 🐌 at work.

They simply don't care. 🤷

They sit at their desk. 🪑

They do their work with minimal. 😵

They're not involved mentally 🧠 and emotionally 💓 with what's happening.

Ever heard of silent quitting?

You can get positive engagement 👍 in a big hurry 🙌 with emotional intelligence.

Use the E's:

E like Evaluate ✍️

👉Review to Adjust, Motivate & Enliven

  • Evaluate by going into a positive feedforward 👷 ♂️ way.
  • Help them better find 🗺️ how they can be more engaged here; how they can contribute more.
  • Most people when given the opportunity want to contribute more.
  • They don't want to sit and be ignored 🤷 ♂️.

E like Envision 🔭

👉Share Common Goals & Objectives

  • Envision with them, and share a common goal 🎯.
  • Be on the same page 🔄️.
  • Make them realize all you can do together 🤝.
  • People like being part of the vision.

E like Empathize 💓

👉Create Strong, Connected relationships

  • Empathize with them.
  • Create that relationship 🔗.
  • Let them know 💡.
  • Not just anybody is here.
  • Say to them they're special 🤩.

E like Encourage 🏅

👉celebrate & Praise Effort and Success

  • Look for the little things to celebrate.🥳
  • It's amazing how often people feel overlooked😞, unappreciated ☹️, and unthanked🥹.
  • Not everything always works well but I do look for little things to celebrate.
  • The best teams 🥇 always spend time to find them.
  • Let's appreciate the effort and appreciate what results we've got.

E like Empower 💪

👉Generate Experience, Education & Resources to Perform

  • We empower them, give them motivation, give them experience, educate them 👩 🏫, give them resources, and let them know that they're trusted.
  • Do let them have authority, let them have power ✊.
  • You don't need to do everything yourself.
  • Delegate share and appreciate people.

E like Enhance 🏗️

👉Create Paths to Meaningful Rewards & Results

  • Look for ways that you can make things better.🔧
  • It's amazing how many people neglect the simple things that can make a difference.

So how we engage people:

Evaluation, Envisioning, Empathizing, Encouragement, Empowering, and Enhancing.