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SOFT SKILL: Coping with change 🔄️

· soft-skills,team

Change is part of our world 🌍. In fact, you're going to find out that people that can handle change, succeed best 👍. They're more comfortable with the shifts ↔️, the changes, and the transformations that occur on a daily basis.

Now when change occurs, it isn't always progress 📉, it isn't always an improvement. The trick is to channel your heart 💗, your feelings, and your emotions, and make the change as constructive 👷♂️ as possible. The trick is to make tomorrow better than today, to create the world 🌐 that you want rather than simply letting it happen to you.

Now we start thinking about change and the Kubler-Ross curve. Kübler-Ross was a Swiss American psychiatrist 👩⚕️ and pioneer of studies on dying people, who wrote: “On Death and Dying,”. Her 1969 book 📕 in which she proposed the patient-focused, death-adjustment pattern, the 5️⃣ “Five Stages of Grief.” Those stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

We can apply that to how people cope with change.

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It's not easy to transition. 😩

So her motto shows we move from unawareness.

We generate a vision 🔭 and inspiration that moves us from awareness to what's going to be in the future.

We move into shock and denial: 😲

  • I don't know this can't be.
  • This isn't happening.
  • It's a disaster.

Next, we go to anger and frustration: 😠

  • I'm not comfortable anymore.
  • I can't keep doing things the same way I've done before.

The second phase: this phase of anger and frustration creates:

  • a lot of stress,
  • a lot of tension, and
  • a lot of discomforts.

We move along that grieving process from the present tense to the transitionary tense.

Things aren't going to be the same: 🙆

  • I need to cope.
  • I need to adapt.
  • I need to adjust.
  • I need to be a little bit more agile.
  • I need to make the change myself.

We can either feel dissatisfied, and change is going to drag us along anyway, or I can be a catalyst for change: 🫡

  • I can buy it.
  • I can be committed.

I can refine things I can get involved I can move forward I can move ahead:👍

  • I do training.
  • I see what the possibilities are.
  • I adjust.
  • I bought it.
  • I control I adapt and we move forward.