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SOFT-SKILL: BRAIN 🧠 Create a positive impactful rapport resonance

· soft-skills,team

When you get involved with someone, your goal is to create a rapport with positive impactful resonance.

Your penultimate objective is to make your interlocutor feel good after the interaction.

Here is a versatile acronym that defines the good and the bad after-effect of your interaction: BRAIN 🧠.

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First, the good outcome that should emerge from your interaction.

B like Brilliant 💡

When I'm around other people I want them to feel brilliant.

I want them to feel bright.

I want them to feel that they really have something to contribute.

R like Respected 👮

I want them to feel respected.

I want to treat them with a certain reverence while I do appreciate yours.

A like Appreciation 🙏

Say 'Thank you'.

Say 'Wow that was valuable'.

Say 'That was special'.

I like Independent ✊

Make them feel independent people.

Feeling coerced will not make them happy about you.

N like Noticed 🏅

Pay attention to them.

Want them to be noticed.

Want them to feel that you didn't grab a random person.

So the positive brain makes them feel brilliant, respected, appreciated, independent, and noticed. Positive brain thinking creates this nice little dynamic where people want to deal with you again and again and again.

On the other hand, there is also if badly managed a BAD BRAIN 👎🧠 resonance

The negative brain dynamic is also a BRAIN reaction ⚡.

B like Bored. 🥱

How do you feel when you've dealt with somebody?

When you feel used and abused.😩

It was a waste of your time.⌛

Kinds of things are going to make that negative brain impression on board.

That you've been kept sitting around for nothing.👎

That you've felt insignificant. 🐜

You've felt unimportant. 🪲

Saying 'I had to wait for you.' 🕰️

Saying 'I was bored.' 😤

R like Rejected. ⏏️

Saying 'I gave you my best thoughts.' 🔝

You gave him your best ideas 💡 and he discarded them 🙅 ♂️.

He didn't even explain to you why he discarded them but he just discarded your ideas.🤷 ♂️

When you feel rejected, or neglected. 🥺

A like Apathetic.😑

Do you really feel that there's no caring here?

There's no concern.

There's no consideration there's no empathy.

I'm apathetic next part of the brain.

I like Insecure.😱

When you say something do you feel judged?👩 ⚖️

Do I feel like I'm being tested?🧪

That's going to make you feel secure and a little bit tentative when we start negotiating together or working together.

N like Neglected. 😔

You're sitting here.

Nobody even asked you for your opinion.

Nobody seemed to notice you.

Make sure when you deal with people, you really want to have that influence pattern work towards that positive evaluation. Make sure that the brain matter is consistently something where people enjoy working with you, so they have a positive experience, so that they want to be with you over and over again.