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Do you know the pc shortcuts? Check this article to be sure.

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Here a list of shortcuts, check if you missed one:
Letter keys shortcuts

―WINDOWS+E: Open Explorer

―CTRL+J: Show downloads in progress in web browser

―CTRL+H: Show browsing history in web browser

―CTRL+A: Select all in Word

―WINDOWS+L: Lock the Windows session

―WINDOWS+U: Open Windows settings

and the well-known:

―CTRL+C: Copy

―CTRL+V: Paste

Escape key shortcuts

―Esc + Ctrl: Opens the startup menu

―Esc + Ctrl + Shift: Opens the tasks manager

―Esc + Alt: Switch between programs' windows in the order they were opened

Tab key shortcuts

―Tab + Ctrl: switch quickly between Chrome tabs

―Tab + Ctrl + Shift: reverse switch quickly between chrome tabs

―Tab + Alt: switch between Windows opened programs

―Tab + Windows key: browse through all recently apps

―Tab + Up/Down arrow key: move beetwen files in explorer

Alt key shortcuts

―Alt + F: opens file menu options

―Alt + E: opens edit options

―Alt + Enter: on a selected file in the explorer, opens the file properties

―Alt + Shift + PrintScreen: turns on High Contrast

―Alt + F4: close current window

―Alt + D: select the address bar in one click

―Alt + Windows key + Digit : opens the Jump List of the program pinned in the taskbar

Shift key shortcuts

―Shift key holding during 8secs: switches the FilterKeys function on/off (lets you ignore brief or repeated keystrokes)

―Shift + Spacebar: move back up to the beginning in a browser

―Shift + Ctrl + T: brings back an accidentally closed tab in a browser

Ctrl shortcuts

Ctrl + B: change content in bold in Word

Ctrl + I: change content in italics in Word

Ctrl + U: change content in underlined in Word

Ctrl + arrow keys: move the cursor forward or back one word (left-right) as well as forward and back one paragraph (up-down), in Word

Ctrl + '+': 'zoom in' in a browser

Ctrl + '-': 'zoom out' in a browser

Ctrl + Enter: add 'www' and '.com' in the URL bar of a browser and send you to this address all by itself

Ctrl + D: add current web page to favorites in a browser

Ctr + Windows key + F: Find computers on your network

Windows key shortcuts

windowskey : opens the startup menu

windowskey + A: opens the action center in Windows 10

windowskey + B: selects the first icon of the Notification area

windowskey + M: minimizes all the opened windows

windowskey + arrow keys: docks the windows on the screen (full, half, quarter)

windowskey + '+' key: opens the magnifier

Windows 10 key shortcuts

windowskey + shift + S: selection printscreen

windowskey + ; : open emoji dialog

windowskey + v : open copy/paste history dialog