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SCRUM: What's wrong with: "I don't write any tests since I am not a tester"? by Peter Gfader

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Say when a colleague refuses to do TDD. 🧪

To handle such colleague statements, answer these questions:

* For yourself:

- Can you lead by example?

- Do you have enough patience ⏳ and skills to teach others?

* For your colleague:

- Remember your colleague that in a Scrum context, there is no 🙅🏻♂️ "tester", "programmer" or "architect". We are all professional engineers who deliver value through collaboration.

- How do you know when you are done? ✅

- Remember your colleague that Quality is everyone's responsibility in a Scrum Team.

Tests are as necessary as documentation.

Documentation 📚 is needed, and one good way to document how software must work is through tests.

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