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SCRUM THEORY: Who comprises the Scrum Team?

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Scrum Team consists of the development team, a Product Owner and a Scrum Master.



👨‍💼 Product Owner is a SINGLE PERSON, who is responsible for managing the product backlog, and maximizing the value of the product resulting from work of the development team.

Product owner can be considered as the single face of the organization or stakeholders, who want a product made, from the perspective of the Scrum Team.



⚽ The five defining characteristics of the development team are:

👉 They are self-organizing

👉 They are cross-functional

👉 There are no titles for the development team members

👉 There are no sub-teams in the development team

👉 Development team is collectively responsible for the outcome of the sprint

💡 The optimal range of the number of development team members as suggested by Scrum is between 3 and 9 members.



🤹‍♀️ The Scrum Master is the servant-leader for the Scrum Team,

who is responsible for coaching the Scrum Team and the organization so that proper Scrum practices are followed.

He is the person who helps the team remove any impediments that may hinder the progress of the development team.

In a nutshell, a Scrum Master who champions the use of Scrum by enabling the core Scrum principles of  Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation, and promoting the Scrum values of CCFOR (Courage, Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect).