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SCRUM: The sprint review 🎬

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The purpose of the Sprint Review is to inspect 🕵️ the outcome of the Sprint and determine future 🔮 adaptations. The Scrum Team presents the results of their work to key stakeholders 🧑💼 and progress toward the Product Goal 🎯 is discussed.

During the event, the Scrum Team and stakeholders review what was accomplished in the Sprint 🎬 and what has changed in their environment 🌍. Based on this information, attendees collaborate on what to do next. The Product Backlog 📃 may also be adjusted to meet new opportunities. The Sprint Review is a working ⚒️ session and the Scrum Team should avoid limiting it to a presentation.

The Sprint Review is the second to last event of the Sprint and is timeboxed ⌚ to a maximum of four hours 4️⃣ for a one-month Sprint. For shorter Sprints, the event is usually shorter.


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