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SCRUM: So Where Is The Value💎? by Steve Trapps

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In everything we do there should be some value. If not, then why do it?

We need to see the value in what we're doing.

👨‍💻 A Developer

will see the value when they create the changes they've been asked to work on.

However, is there always value in the work that they've done?

Not if its buggy and nobody uses it.

🤹‍ A Scrum Master

will see the value when they see the team working as a self organising team,

with the stories being moved into "Done".

👨‍💼 A Product Owner

will see the value when the release is made and they can explain to the stakeholders what improvements have been made?

What would happen though if the market has moved on and what we thought was valuable no longer is?


will see the value when more customers come to use the product as it is the market leading one.

As you can see, to each of the people involved in the process the value comes at different times.

However, it is only when the product reaches the customer that the true value is attained

Until that time we're carrying "Value Debt".

Assessing project success often prioritizes timescale ⌚ and budget💰, but these are indicators, not the core value.

Meeting deadlines alone doesn't add value❌; functionality and worth💎 matter more to customers.

No Customer will ever buy something due to the product being there on time if the functionality / worth / value isn't there.

In conclusion: We must never lose the value of why we do something.

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