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SCRUM: Product Backlog

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The Product Backlog is an emergent, ordered list 📃 of what is needed to improve the product. It is the single source of work undertaken by the Scrum Team.


Product Backlog items that can be "Done" ✅ by the Scrum Team within one Sprint are deemed ready for selection in a Sprint Planning event. They usually acquire this degree of transparency after refining activities. Product Backlog refinement is the act of breaking 🔨 down and further defining Product Backlog items into smaller more precise items 🔍. This is an ongoing activity to add ➕ details, such as a description, order, and size. Attributes often vary with the domain of work.


The Developers👩💻👨💻 who will be doing the work are responsible for the sizing 🗜️. The Product Owner👩💼 may influence the Developers by helping them understand 🧠 and select trade-offs 🤝.


Commitment: Product Goal

The Product Goal describes a future 🔮 state of the product which can serve as a target 🎯 for the Scrum Team to plan against. The Product Goal is in the Product Backlog. The rest of the Product Backlog emerges to define “what” will fulfill the Product Goal.


A product is a vehicle to deliver value. It has a clear boundary, known stakeholders, well-defined users or customers. A product could be a service, a physical product, or something more abstract.


The Product Goal is the long-term objective for the Scrum Team. They must fulfill ✅ (or abandon🏴) one objective before taking on the next ⏭️.