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SCRUM: How Following the Scrum Values Helps Improve Morale by John Gillespie

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Everyone who's worked with Scrum for a while knows that the core values are the lifeblood 💓 of the framework.

Today, I'm going to touch on Focus and Commitment.


Recently, I've been working with a new team.

They didn't quite buy ☹️ into the values of Scrum so I had to ask them to trust me and give it a try for a while.

To start with, they weren't successfully meeting their sprint goal 🎯 and team morale was pretty low.

The team however did agree that the sprint goal commitment was important 💯.


So they spent some time in a retrospective looking 🕵️ for a cause.

They determined that one or more team members were not remaining focused on the sprint goal and this was likely the cause of the shortfall 📉.

So the team decided to change the focus of their daily scrum from the 3 basic statements 🤷‍♂️: what did I do yesterday? what do I tend to do today? and do I see any impediments?

Now the Team would focus this collaboration time specifically on the next day's 🔮 effort related to the sprint goal.


They also committed to challenging 💪 each other if it looked like one of the team members was not remaining focused on the sprint goal.

This relatively simple change of dialog had a dramatic impact on the team's success 📈. Over the past 10 sprints, the team achieved 100% of their sprint goal 🙌. Needless to say, that team morale is now pretty high 😄.


Last week I spoke with the team about their feelings 💖 about respecting scrum and traditional software methods. All of them indicated now that they understand the value of scrum and would not go back 🙅‍♂️ to traditional methods.

If the team hadn't had the courage and openness to try a new approach along with the resolution to focus on the sprint goal commitment. It is unlikely that they would be realizing the success that they see today.


I see this all the time in my work as a coach 👨‍🏫.

When the scrum team actually embraces 🤝 the core values (courage, focus, commitment, respect, openness), they bring the framework to life.

Thank you for listening today 🙏.


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