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SCRUM: Getting Real About Your Values – The Values Retrospective

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Part of your empiric inspection 🔍 and adaptation process should explore whether you are living according to your values/principles.

To achieve that you can try a value-based retrospective.

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Create a matrix of your values as rows, and some classic retro categories such as plus/delta as columns.

Then run a "generate insights" activity in which you try to see what you're doing that upholds a value or flies in the face of it and could be improved.

Afterward continue the retrospective as usual by deciding what to focus on, getting to the root cause, coming up with experiments, and committing to some change.


Refresh the team's recollection and understanding of the values/principles and their importance

Help you identify espoused values that you need to work on a bit (or a lot...)

Celebrate some values that are coherent with your actual behavior.

Identify impediments that are blocking you from behaving in a way that's aligned with your espoused values.



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