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Scrum Developer: "What's a good code coverage to have?" by Harm Pauw

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It depends on the context and isn’t a goal.❌🎯

The real goal is creating quality software.


Running (unit) tests 🧪 on your code is an important part of assessing the quality of your product.

We verify that the source code is syntactically correct.👌

Code coverage is a measure used to describe the degree to which code is exercised by your tests.

But this doesn’t tell 🤫 you anything about the quality of the tests.


To define quality software:

-experiencing bugs 🪲 in production should be a rare occurrence

-developers should feel comfortable adding or changing 🔄️ functionality

You could say that you test enough if both are the case.


It is interesting to know what code is not covered.🔍

That part is where it is easier to introduce a bug.


Strive for 100% code coverage is not always worth it.🤷

Beware developers 👿👨💻 could writing bogus tests to increase code coverage.

Rather make writing unit tests for all new functionality 🆕 part of your way of working and identify 🆔 high-risk areas that are currently uncovered.

To in the end: increase the quality of your software effectively.


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