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SCRUM DEVELOPER CONCEPT: Behavior-Driven Development 🧑‍💼🧪

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Behavior Driven Development is a variation 🔀 / extension of Test-Driven Development methodology, where the main focus is on the following:

1) Behavioral specifications of the product 🧑‍💼 or application (or its features).

2) User 🙍‍♂️ and System 🤖 Interactions.

Behavior Driven Development uses Ubiquitous 🌍 language that can be understood by the developers🧑‍💻 and stakeholders👩‍💼.

When Behavior Driven Development is adapted to a project, the technical ⚙️ nitty-gritty aspects of the requirements and implementation are outlined in a business-oriented 👩‍💼 language.

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