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SCRUM: 4 Key Flow Metrics and how to use them in Scrum's events

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🏗️ Work in Progress (WIP)

The number of work items started but not finished (according to the Scrum Team's definition of "Workflow").


🔁 Cycle Time

The amount of elapsed time between when a work item "starts"▶️ and when a work item "finishes."⏹️

This metric is a lagging indicator of flow.

It is available only after an item is actually finished from the workflow perspective (e.g. reached a Done lane on the Kanban board).

It is typically used to drive improvement work as well as to be able to establish internal/external expectations as to the team's turnaround time on specific items.


📈 Throughput

The number of work items "finished" per unit of time.

Note the measurement of throughput is the exact count of work items, without any compensation for item size.

Throughput is measured at a certain step in the workflow, typically at the finish line of the workflow.


👴 Work Item Age

For currently active items - The amount of elapsed time between when a work item "started"▶️ and the current time.⏸️

The basic idea is to provide transparency to which items are flowing well and which are sort of "stuck" even if not formally blocked.

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