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REMOTE WORK: 10 conference call pitfalls

· workplace

1. Not Announcing You Joined
It is always best to join the conference call before the meeting begins.

2. Joining Late
It is rude to show up late for a conference call.
The fact that everyone waits in silence can be extremely awkward even if it’s only a for a few minutes.

3. Volume Trouble
Checking your speaking volume and microphone levels before a call begins should be second nature.

4. Connection Problems
People who connect to conference calls on their cell phones will always run the risk of having a bad connection.

5. Background Noise
Some microphone systems are sophisticated enough to filter out noise.

6. Forgetting You Are Muted
It is common for people to forget they are mute when answering a question.

7. Not Listening to Answers
Paying attention to discussions during calls is an assumed responsibility of every participant.

8. Dominating the Conversation
Honoring self-imposed time-caps will limit the chance of being accused of dominating a meeting.

9. Sighs
To sigh while someone is speaking is incredibly rude and could be cause for managerial escalation and intervention.

10. Interrupting the Person Speaking