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Relationship of J2EE, Java EE and Jakarta EE

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Ever heard of Java EE? How about Java 2EE, J2EE, or now Jakarta EE? Actually, these are all different names for the same thing: a set of enterprise specifications that extend Java SE.

Here is the correct brand naming history:
―J2EE 1.2
―J2EE 1.3
―J2EE 1.4
Then after May 2006
―Java EE 5
―Java EE 6
―Java EE 7
―Java EE 8
Then after 2019
―Jakarta EE 8
―Jakarta EE 9
Java EE has certainly evolved a lot during those years. It's nice to see it continuing to change and improve.
There are many challenges ahead, so let's hope for a smooth transition.

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