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What is the first file loaded by the browser in a basic React project?

* src/App.js

* src/index.js

* public/manifest.json

* public/index.html

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This will be the only html file in the entire application since React is generally Written using JSX.

Also, this file has a line of code 〈div id=”root”〉〈/div〉.

This line is very significant since all the application components are loaded into this div.

In a basic React project, the first file loaded by the browser is usually the HTML file that includes the root element for your React app.

For example, if you have a basic HTML file that looks like this:

〈!DOCTYPE html〉



〈title〉My React App〈/title〉



〈div id="root"〉〈/div〉



The browser would load this HTML file first. The div with the id of root is the root element for your React app. When you render your React app, it will be inserted into this element.

After the HTML file is loaded, the browser will start loading the JavaScript files that make up your React app. These JavaScript files include the React library itself, as well as any other libraries and components that your app needs.

Once all the necessary JavaScript files have been loaded, your React app will initialize and render its components, updating the content of the div with the id of root with the HTML generated by your React components.