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-> A quick backend for prototyping and mocking

· react,fullstack

Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously).


At one moment in your application development, you usually need to do REST API calls. When developing, it is sometimes tedious to handle a backend, above all for a simple POC. JSON server proposes to emulate REST API calls with only a JSON file. Once you did the install below, you can GET/ POST, etc and this will update the JSON file. It is a real dynamic tiny REST API embedded in your REACT app.


⚙️ Install JSON Server


🗃️ Create a db.json file with some data


▶️ Start JSON Server

🖱️ Now if you go to http://localhost:3000/posts/1, you'll get



#react #programming #jsonserver #fakeEmbeddedRestAPi