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🗳️ POLL: You create a React application, which language do you use?

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TypeScript is the favorite language to start a new React app.

Here are the key benefits of using TypeScript over JavaScript in a new React application:

  1. Static Typing: TypeScript catches errors at compile-time, improving code reliability.
  2. Code Maintainability: Type annotations enhance code readability and ease refactoring.
  3. IDE Support: TypeScript works well with code editors, offering autocompletion and type-checking.
  4. Refactoring: TypeScript aids large-scale code changes and renaming efforts.
  5. Intellisense: Better autocompletion and inline documentation in editors.
  6. Code Quality: TypeScript encourages best practices and reduces bugs.
  7. Library Support: Many libraries have TypeScript type definitions.
  8. Migration: Easy transition from JavaScript to TypeScript.
  9. Improved Collaboration: Clearer code expectations and usage.
  10. Tooling: A wide range of tools and plugins for enforcing coding standards.
  11. Community and Ecosystem: Growing community support and resources.
  12. Predictable Code: TypeScript enforces contracts, making code easier to reason about and test.