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Learning path through lock-downs

· mooc,mashup

01―Collaborative working in a remote team
02―Communication and interpersonal skills at work
03―Presenting your work with impact
04―Wellbeing and resilience at work
05―Current digital workplace trends
06―Essential skills for your career development
07―Evidence and data collection for problem solving
08―Get creative with people to solve problems
09―Decision making
10―Professional online presence
11―Great online content
12―Social media marketing campaign
13―Great user experience for mobile apps
14―UX and accessible design
15―Creative AI
16―Digital skills for work and life
17―Artificial intelligence
18/―Digital marketing
21―Social media
22―User experience
23―Web analytics
24―Investigating innovation
25―The history and science of psychology
26―IT ethics
27―Biological psychology
28―Conversational interfaces
29―The psychology of personality
30―Physical computing
31―Agile with Atlassian Jira
32―Version Control with Git
33―Developmental psychology
34―Virtual, augmented and mixed reality
35―Professional resilience
36―The psychology of learning
37―Indie games
38―Sensation and perception
39―Mental health and stress
40―Embracing digital technology