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LEARNING GIT: Test Automation Univ.

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In Chapter 1 you will learn what the version control is and why it is important for test automation.

In Chapter 2 you will learn what the most popular version control system Git is and how it differs from other version control systems.

In Chapter 3 you will learn the basic Git concepts like initializing, adding, committing, pushing, cloning, fetching, and pulling.

In Chapter 4 we will do some warmup and learn the advanced Git concepts branching, merging, rebasing, and changing history.

In Chapter 5 we dive deep and learn the advanced Git concepts: resolving conflicts, cherry picking, reverting, and resetting.

Then in Chapter 6 you will get familiar with some well-known Git branching strategies.

In Chapter 7 we will have a look at some of the most well-known Git remote repository managers, which are available in the market.

And to finish this course, I will give you in the last chapter some learning resources where you can deepen your Git knowledge if you want to.