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🤣 JOKE: #fun Customer Expectations 💎 versus actual delivered project 💩

· joke

Have you ever felt that the customer expectations satisfaction toward your actual delivered product makes you feel like you did poor quality work? This may happen when the customer has a different vision or standard than what you have, or when the customer does not appreciate the effort and creativity that you put into the product. You can overcome this feeling by reminding yourself that quality is subjective and that you can always improve your skills and communication with the customer.

The video contrasts the customer expectations and the actual delivered product. On one side, we see a sleek black Aston Martin, whose car bonnet opens to reveal the elegant logo of the car💎. On the other side, we see a rusty old car wreck, whose car bonnet has a hole in it. A sad-looking dog sticks its head out of the hole, representing the low-quality work that the customer feels💩.