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😂 JOKE: Daughter learning Java 👧😭

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Daughter learning Java 👧😭

A girl goes to her mother crying and says, 

'Mom, Java is so hard!'

Her mother, with a comforting smile, asks, 

'Have you tried Jakarta EE?'

The girl's wails escalate as she exclaims, 

'That's like asking if I've tried swimming with sharks!'

💡 Explanation:

The joke plays on the difficulty of learning Java, a programming language, and Jakarta EE (Enterprise Edition), a more advanced and complex framework built on top of Java. When the mother suggests trying Jakarta EE, she inadvertently suggests something even more challenging, which causes the girl to cry even louder because it implies that Jakarta EE is even harder than regular Java, exacerbating her distress. The humor comes from the unexpected escalation of difficulty and the girl's exaggerated reaction to the suggestion.