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JAVA SE PROJECTS: Valhalla, Loom, Panama, Amber

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The Java language is continuously in progress, behind this perpetual improvements sit projects.

Here the main projects of Java SE:

▪ PROJECT VALHALLA focuses on reducing the memory and computational overhead associated with storing objects representing small, immutable, identity-less types in memory. This focus on reducing the operational overhead as it relates to these kinds of "inline-types" is particularly important for optimizing Java for modern hardware.

▪ PROJECT LOOM innovates with respect to Java's handling of concurrent programming. Using lightweight threads called Fibers, the project aims to make it possible to write scalable, synchronous blocking code.

▪ PROJECT PANAMA seeks to improve performance and make it easier to develop I/O intensive applications through Java-native platform enhancements.

▪ PROJECT AMBER seeks to improve the productivity of Java developers by means of enhancements such as pattern matching, switch expressions and text blocks.

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