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☕ Java pain points 🤕 and fix 💡

with Active projects in the OpenJDK community

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🧵 Loom: Lightweight concurrency

Pain point fixed: Threads are too expensive, don't scale

Comparison: Go, Elixir

🗑️ ZGC: Sub-millisecond GC pauses

Pain point: GC pauses too long

Comparison: C, Rust

🏝️ Panama: Native code and memory interop SIMD Vector support

Pain point: Using native librairies is too long. Numeric loops are too slow.

Comparison: Python, C

🔥 Amber: Right-sizing language ceremony

Pain point: Java is too verbose. Java is hard to teach.

Comparison: C#, Kotlin

⚡ Leyden: Faster startup and warmup

Pain point: Java starts up too slowly

Comparison: Go

⛅ Valhalla: Value types and specialized generics

Pain point: Cache misses are too expensive. Generics and primitives don't mix.

Comparison: C, C#

📺 Babylon: Foreign programming model interop

Pain point: Using GPUs is too hard

Comparison: LinQ, Julia

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