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Java Champion Book 📕: Jakarta EE cookbook by Elder Moraes

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I finished today the Jakarta EE cookbook. 📖

I read it in public transportation 🚇 while commuting to work.

It is easy to read. 👍

It is a series of code recipes, all coming with an introduction, the required code sample, and an explanation of the code.

I usually work with Spring, but I wanted to know what we can do with Jakarta EE. 🤔

(For those who don't know, Jakarta EE is the rebranded former Java EE.)

And there is a lot of stuff you can do with Jakarta EE: from basic bean to JSON conversion to dependency injection, authentication, or even asynchronous programming.

The last two chapters are special: one explains how to use Jakarta EE app with cloud platforms ☁️. And the other is about how to contribute to Java/Jakarta EE community and the benefit for your career 💼 it could bring.

Thanks, Elder Moraes for this precious 💎 book.

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