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☕🎓JAVA CERTIFICATION QUESTION: synchronized sorted collection

· java,ocp

Which synchronized collection among the following is inherently sorted?

* ConcurrentHashMap

* ConcurrentLinkedQueue

* CopyOnWriteArrayList

* LinkedBlockingQueue

* ConcurrentSkipListSet

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Among the synchronized collections listed, the ConcurrentSkipListSet is the only one that maintains elements in sorted order.

ConcurrentHashMap: This is a synchronized collection that stores key-value pairs, but it does not maintain any particular order of elements. It is an implementation of HashMap which is not sorted. It is optimized for concurrent access.

ConcurrentLinkedQueue: This is a synchronized queue implementation, but it does not enforce any specific order among its elements. It is a FIFO. It focuses on supporting concurrent insertion and removal operations.

CopyOnWriteArrayList: This is a synchronized list implementation where all mutative operations (add, set, remove, etc.) are implemented by making a fresh copy of the underlying array. It is an implementation of ArrayList which is an ordered but not a sorted collection. It does not inherently maintain sorted order.

LinkedBlockingQueue: This is another synchronized queue implementation. Like ConcurrentLinkedQueue, it does not enforce any specific order among its elements. It is a FIFO.

ConcurrentSkipListSet: This is a concurrent, sorted set implementation based on skip lists. Skip lists are a probabilistic data structure that allows for efficient searching, insertion, and deletion operations while maintaining sorted order. Therefore, ConcurrentSkipListSet inherently maintains its elements in sorted order, making it the sorted synchronized collection among the options provided.