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JAVA CERTIFICATION QUESTION: Java text blocks and escape sequences

=>If a triple double quote sequence indicates the beginning and end of a text block, how do you assign a triple double quote sequence to a string?

· java,ocp

Which of the following are valid Java text blocks? Choose three.

A. var v1 = """""";.

B. var v2 = """abc""";.

C. var v3 = """



D. var v4 = """

     \ \s


E. var v5 = """



F. var v6 = """






·ꓞ puɐ ʻƎ ʻꓛ suoᴉʇdo ǝɹɐ sɹǝʍsuɐ ʇɔǝɹɹoɔ ǝɥꓕ ·uoᴉsnʅɔuoꓛ


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