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☕🎓JAVA CERTIFICATION QUESTION: Exception and finally clause

· java,ocp


public static void main( String[] args ) {

try {

throw new IOException();

} catch ( IOException e ) {

throw new RuntimeException();

} finally {

throw new ArithmeticException();



What is the output?

* IOException

* RuntimeException

* ArithmeticException

* Compilation fails

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Here's the reason:

- The `try` block throws an `IOException`.

- The `catch` block catches this exception and throws a new `RuntimeException`.

- Regardless of whether an exception was thrown or not, the `finally` block is always executed. In this case, it throws an `ArithmeticException`.

- Since the `finally` block is the last to execute and it throws an exception, the `ArithmeticException` will be the one that propagates up the call stack.

Therefore, the output will be:

* ArithmeticException

The other exceptions (`IOException` and `RuntimeException`) are thrown but not propagated, as the `ArithmeticException` from the `finally` block supersedes them. Compilation does not fail because the code is syntactically correct.