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📺#java 21 Unnamed Classes features

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Let's discover together the #java21 Unnamed Classes preview.


Goal: Evolve the Java language so that students can write their first programs without needing to understand language features designed for large programs. Far from using a separate dialect of Java, students can write streamlined declarations for single-class programs and then seamlessly expand their programs to use more advanced features as their skills grow.




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Install Java 21

Define unnamed class


Video timeline:

  • 0:00 intro vvauban
  • 0:11 Java 21 Unnamed classes
  • 0:48 Downloading JDK21
  • 1:30 Installing JDK21
  • 3:48 Discovering Unnamed classes
  • 4:44 Inside IntelliJ
  • 6:54 Using IntelliJ terminal
  • 7:54 Running Unnamed Class
  • 8:29 Final Words
  • 8:46 Udemy Java Certification QR code