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Jakarta EE 9 is here: interview with Mike Milinkovich --Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation--

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What happened in the past 3 years?

Java EE has been renamed Jakarta EE ( transition from the use of the javax.* package namespace to jakarta.* ).
JEE9 release gives enterprises🏢 and developers👨‍💻 a truly open platform for developing app.

JEE9 is now out and ready to use, what is in it for the users?

JEE9 enables to migrate from older versions to newer cloud☁ natived platforms.
We’re actively encouraging enterprises to get involved✊ ( ).

What are the next steps for the near future?

Providing support☎ for Java SE 11 in a quick release of 9.1.
The cadence of releases will shift: you’ll see individual specifications get updates more quickly🏃‍♂️💨.
JEE9 is gonna fully dive in the world of containers📦 and microservices.

What are the plans for enterprise Java in 2021 and beyond?

We’ll see the rise of community-supported Java binaries💿.
With Eclipse Adoptium (former AdoptOpenJDK), the industry will have a single, vendor-neutral source of high-quality✔ open source Java runtimes.

How healthy and thriving is OSS right now?

The modern world🌍 runs on open source.