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I am thrilled 💓 to see Jakarta EE 10 being released!

This is a milestone release that bears great significance 👍 to the Java ecosystem.

Java EE has been a dominant force 💪 behind all enterprise development in Java.

Lately, it was renamed 🏷️ Jakarta EE, while transitioning to the Eclipse Foundation.

25-35% of Java application runs on JakartaEE application servers 🖥️ (WildFly, JBoss EAP, Payara, WebSphere/Liberty, WebLogic...).

70-80% of Java applications use Jakarta EE APIs 🌐 (Tomcat, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, Jetty, CXF, Jersey, RESTEasy, Quarkus, Microprofile, Spring...)

🔝 Discover the top 7 features of Jakarta EE 10

  • 1. @ManagedExecutorDefinition
  • 2. @Asynchronous
  • 3. Bootstrap API
  • 4. Multipart/Form-Data
  • 5. @OpenIdAuthenticationDefinition
  • 6. UUID Key
  • 7. Jakarta Faces Views with Pure Java

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