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☕👑🎙️Interview with James Gosling (Creator of Java)

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The Evolution of Java & Deep Thoughts on AI and IoT: A Conversation with James Gosling

 Episode Highlights:

  • The Genesis of Java: Discover the origins and evolution of Java directly from its creator. James recounts the challenges and triumphs in developing a language that prioritizes scalability, safety, and efficiency.
  • Anecdotes from Sun Microsystems: James revisits his longest tenure at Sun Microsystems, sharing personal anecdotes and pivotal moments.
  • AI and Java's Future: Dive into James's perspectives on the resurgence of AI, the role of Java in emerging tech like deep learning, and its integration with modern hardware architectures.
  • Greengrass and IoT: Learn about James's current work at Amazon Web Services, focusing on IoT and his development of the new Greengrass platform and the use of Raspberry Pi.

Looking Ahead: What's next for James Gosling? Hear about the future projects and fields he is passionate about as he continues to innovate at the cutting edge of technology.