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IntelliJ PLUGIN: Snyk for secure coding

➡️Secure development for developers and teams

· coding,security,devops

Snyk Security 🔒 finds and fixes security vulnerabilities, infrastructure misconfigurations, and code quality issues in your projects early in the development lifecycle to help you ace your security reviews and avoid a costly 🤑 fix later down the line.

Snyk scans for issue types around:

👉Open Source Security - security vulnerabilities in both the direct and indirect (transitive) open-source dependencies you are pulling into the project.

👉Code Security - security vulnerabilities identified in your own code.🧑‍💻

👉Container 📦 Security - security vulnerabilities in your base images

👉Infrastructure 🖥️ as Code (IaC) Security - configuration issues in your IaC templates (Terraform, Kubernetes, CloudFormation, and Azure Resource Manager)

👉Code Quality ✅ - code quality issues in your own code

👉Open Source Advisor - package health 🧑‍⚕️ of the direct dependencies you are using including popularity, maintenance, risk & community insights.

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