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Innovation in the Java platform

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Oracle's stewardship of Java SE accelerates delivery of innovation

  • Java SE has experienced 58 updates and enhancements after the release of Java SE 9
  • Updates have been predictable and frequent
  • The increased frequency of Java SE updates means that developers are exposed to more innovation, sooner
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Java is used to develop a multitude of emerging technologies

  • Developers use Java for a multitude of emerging technologies
  • Java is widely used for AI/ML, IoT and wearables
  • Use of Java for emerging technologies illustrates its ability to support distributed development and cloud native development
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Recent innovation in Java


  • Projects
  • Valhalla
  • : Reduces memory and computational overhead
  • Loom

: Innovates regarding Java handling of concurrent programming

  • Panama
  • : Makes it easier to develop I/O-intensive applications.
  • Amber
  • : Pattern matching, switch expressions and text blocks.


  • Flight Recorder

 (JDK 11)

  • HTTP Client

 (JDK 11)

  • ZGC

 Maximum Heap Size Increased to 16 TB (JDK 13)

  • JEP 350 

Dynamic CDS Archiving (JDK 13)

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GraalVM optimizes Java for cloud native development

  • Run Java faster
  • Make applications extensible by means of native binaries that absolve applications of the need for the JVM
  • Support for multiple languages and libraries
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