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=>Check your Mental Health Quotient

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Mental wellbeing is the ability to handle life and its various stresses and challenges.

The MHQ is therefore a snapshot of your self-perception along various dimensions of mental function that determine your mental wellbeing.

It is not a measure of happiness or life satisfaction. You could, for example, be experiencing very difficult or sad circumstances in your life but nonetheless have all the capabilities to cope as best as one could, and therefore have a high level of mental wellbeing.

The six dimensions of Mental Health in the MHQ

Mood and outlook

Your ability to manage and regulate your emotions effectively and to have a constructive or optimistic outlook for the future.

Social self

How you interact with, relate to and see yourself with respect to others.

Drive and motivation

Your ability to work towards achieving your desired goals and to initiate, persevere and complete activities in your daily life.

Core cognition

The health of your basic cognitive skills which allow you to function effectively and independently on a moment to moment basis.

Complex cognition

Your ability to synthesize and make sense of complex sets of events and situations and display a longer-term perspective in your thoughts and behavior.

Mind-body connection

The regulation of the balance between your mind and body.