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GREEN IT Developer 🌍💚: Stored procedures

· greenIT

Stored procedures are more effective 💪 and resource-efficient than SQL queries sent to the relational database management system (RDBMS) by the application server. There are two reasons for that:

1️⃣ - a stored procedure saves the server from interpreting the query as it is pre-compiled ⚙️

2️⃣ - a stored procedure uses less bandwidth 🌐 as there is less information transferred between the server and the client

You should therefore utilize this RDBMS function as much as possible.🙌

All recent RDBMS (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) support stored procedures.

When should I use stored procedures?

- To avoid sending complex queries to the SQL server, which are analyzed for syntax and then interpreted before being run. These steps use up many resources 👎.

- To simplify the website’s code and thus improve maintainability. A website’s ecological 🌍💚 footprint also includes the resources used to maintain and upgrade it.

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