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Did you ever need to test 🧪 your frontend app with an external API but did not have time to set up a backend?

Have you ever had to test 🧪 a backend communicating with an external API but had no external API right available?

Here the solution: 👌

Without any KEY or TOKEN ✅. You can use it straight like that.

You will find a POC doing a POST using this free API in the attachment below. 📎

#free #api #testing

🔍Details: allows you to echo back your request, to see that it does what you expect.

This is the list of services:

It echoes the data used in your request for any of these types:

https:// httpbin. org/anything Returns most of the below.

https:// httpbin. org/ip Returns Origin IP.

https:// httpbin. org/user-agent Returns user-agent.

https:// httpbin. org/headers Returns header dict.

https:// httpbin. org/get Returns GET data.

https:// httpbin. org/post Returns POST data.

https:// httpbin. org/put Returns PUT data.

https:// httpbin. org/delete Returns DELETE data

https:// httpbin. org/gzip Returns gzip-encoded data.

https:// httpbin. org/status/:code Returns given HTTP Status code.

https:// httpbin. org/response-headers?key=val Returns given response headers.

https:// httpbin. org/redirect/:n 302 Redirects n times.

https:// httpbin. org/relative-redirect/:n 302 Relative redirects n times.

https:// httpbin. org/cookies Returns cookie data.

https:// httpbin. org/cookies/set/:name/:value Sets a simple cookie.

https:// httpbin. org/basic-auth/:user/:passwd Challenges HTTPBasic Auth.

https:// httpbin. org/hidden-basic-auth/:user/:passwd 404'd BasicAuth.

https:// httpbin. org/digest-auth/:qop/:user/:passwd Challenges HTTP Digest Auth.

https:// httpbin. org/stream/:n Streams n–100 lines.

https:// httpbin. org/delay/:n Delays responding for n–10 seconds.


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