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FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER: "Hadoop For Dummies"

=>Introducing Hadoop and Seeing What It’s Good For

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Let Hadoop For Dummies help harness the power of your data and rein in the information overload.

In this free chapter, discover:

Big Data and the Need for Hadoop

―Exploding data volumes 

―Exploding data volumes 

―Exploding data volumes 

The Origin and Design of Hadoop

―Distributed processing with MapReduce

―Apache Hadoop ecosystem

Examining the Various Hadoop Offerings 

―Comparing distributions 

―Working with in-database MapReduce 

―Looking at the Hadoop toolbox

From programmers challenged with building and maintaining affordable, scalable data systems to administrators 

who must deal with huge volumes of information effectively and efficiently,

this how-to has something to help you with Hadoop.

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