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FREE MOOC: Introduction to Physical Computing

=>Explore how microcontrollers are changing our everyday lives and why the future of tech innovation lies in physical computing.

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  • The latest tech, code and innovations no longer exclusively reside inside computers and laptops. They are now inside microcontrollers, and your phone, watch, and kettle can all be examples of physical computing.
  • On this course, you’ll explore what physical computing is, how it’s changed over the years and what it’s growing into.
  • You’ll explore the anatomy of physical computing and debate the ethical considerations of physical computing applications.
  • You’ll also explore the creative uses of this technology and follow the careers of people working in the physical computing industry.


  1. Physical computing
  2. The architecture of a physical computing system
  3. The ethics surrounding physical computing
  4. Careers/pathways in physical computing
  5. What the Internet of Things (IoT) is