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🐧 📕 FREE LINUX BOOK: "The Ultimate Kali Linux Book - Second Edition ($41.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time"

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Kali Linux is the most popular and advanced penetration testing Linux distribution within the cybersecurity industry. 🏆

Using Kali Linux, a cybersecurity professional will be able to discover and exploit various vulnerabilities and perform advanced penetration testing on both enterprises' wired and wireless networks. 🔌 📶

This book is a comprehensive guide for those who are new to Kali Linux and penetration testing that will have you up to speed in no time. 🆕

Using real-world scenarios, you’ll understand how to set up a lab and explore core penetration testing concepts. 👨‍🔬

Throughout this book, you’ll focus on information gathering and even discover different vulnerability assessment tools bundled in Kali Linux. 🎯

You’ll learn to discover target systems on a network, identify security flaws on devices, exploit security weaknesses and gain access to networks, set up Command and Control (C2) operations, and perform web application penetration testing. 🕳️

In this updated second edition, you’ll be able to compromise Active Directory and exploit enterprise networks. 🌐

Finally, this book covers best practices for performing complex web penetration testing techniques in a highly secure environment. 🔐

By the end of this Kali Linux book, you’ll have gained the skills to perform advanced penetration testing on enterprise networks using Kali Linux.

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