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🆓📕 FREE GitOps BOOK: GitOps Cookbook: Kubernetes Automation in Practice

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GitOps has become a standard in deploying applications to Kubernetes and many companies are adopting this methodology for their DevOps and cloud-native strategy.

The GitOps Cookbook presents useful recipes 🧑‍🍳 and examples to follow GitOps practices on Kubernetes

Authors ✍️ Natale Vinto and Alex Soto Bueno walk you through the necessary steps for successful hands-on applications development and deployment with GitOps.

⬇️ Download the GitOps Cookbook to quickly get started with development cycles on Kubernetes following a GitOps approach

You will:

👉Get an introduction to key GitOps concepts

👉Understand Docker, Kubernetes, and Git requirements needed for your GitOps practice

👉Learn how to package your application as a container image

The GitOps Cookbook will provide a list of methods and recipes for deploying applications to aid you in establishing development cycles on Kubernetes ☸️ following a GitOps approach.


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