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FREE EBOOK: Understanding Database

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In this big data era—when businesses, healthcare organizations, the financial sector, social media, etc. are all taking advantage of the data—the volume of data being gathered is growing at an unprecedented rate. Managing all this data requires powerful databases, and choosing the right one is vital.

To help you understand the capabilities and limitations of the different kinds of databases available, David Clinton—technology guru, teacher, and author—has chosen chapters from three Manning books to create this free mini ebook, Understanding Databases. In it, you’ll learn about database configuration, how to assess database storage, and how and why to move or copy your database. As you look at relational databases and infrastructure design, you’ll also discover the factors to consider when choosing your database architecture and explore illuminating real-world case studies that shine a light on NoSQL databases and the elements that drive NoSQL business solutions. This on-point guide is a great way to start learning about databases, how to use them, and how to choose the right one for your tasks.


  1. Managing databases 
  2. Databases on AWS 
  3. NOSQL: it's about making intelligent choices