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FREE EBOOK: Exploring Testing Java Microservices

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Microservices applications are made up of single-responsibility mini-applications called services that work together as a system. Microservice architectures can speed up production and are optimized for change and reusability, because you can change and add components without re-engineering the whole application. Ensuring quality software still requires rigorous testing, and microservices pose several unique testing challenges.

Exploring Testing Java Microservices is packed with tips and tricks that will help you write automatic tests to speed up the testing process for your Java-based microservices applications. You’ll discover how Docker helps with your testing and find out how to test your system even when there are components that have yet to be built. When you’re finished, you’ll have three new techniques to add to your testing toolbox to increase your test coverage and productivity.


  • "Contract Tests" from Testing Java Microservices 
  • "Docker and testing" from Testing Java Microservices 
  • "Service virtualization" from Testing Java Microservices
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