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FREE EBOOK: Back to Simple CSS

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For web designers, large complex applications can mean large complex battles between CSS and the DOM (Document Object Model). By taking advantage of the Shadow DOM to encapsulate each component in its own “mini DOM,” you can virtually eliminate problems like colliding selectors and visual issues and get back to the fun of web programming with simple CSS!

Back to Simple CSS: With the Shadow DOM presents a refresher on CSS basics and an in-depth explanation of cascade, specificity, and inheritance in the Shadow DOM. These three chapters, deftly chosen by web programming expert Ben Farrell, explore the importance of user-friendly CSS layout before a deep-dive into the Shadow DOM with an emphasis on CSS encapsulation, rediscovering the ID attribute for web components, and how to use the new Shadow DOM CSS selectors.


  • Cascade, specificity, and inheritance 
  • layout with CSS3 
  • Shadow CSS