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"GPT - 3 ($27.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time"

GPT-3 has made creating AI apps simpler than ever.

This book provides a comprehensive 💪 guide on how to utilize the OpenAI API with ease. It explores imaginative methods of utilizing this tool 🤖 for your specific needs and showcases successful businesses that have been established through its use.

The book is divided into two sections, with the first focusing on the fundamentals 👩 🏫 of the OpenAI API. The second part examines the dynamic and thriving environment 🌐 that has arisen around GPT-3.

Chapter 1 sets the stage with background information and defining key🔑 terms.

Chapter 2 goes in-depth into the API, breaking it down into its essential components, explaining its functions, and offering best practices✅.

Chapter 3, you will build 👷 ♂️ your first app with GPT-3.

Chapter 4 features interviews 🎤 with the founders of successful GPT-3-based products, who share challenges and insights gained.

Chapter 5 examines the perspective 🔭 of enterprises on GPT-3 and its potential for adoption.

The problematic ❌ consequences of widespread GPT-3 adoption, such as misapplication and bias, are addressed along with efforts to resolve these issues in Chapter 6. Finally,

Chapter 7 delves into the future by exploring the most exciting 🤩 trends and possibilities as GPT-3 becomes increasingly integrated into the commercial ecosystem.