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🆓📕FREE BOOK: Cloud Security Handbook ($41.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

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Securing 🔐 resources in the cloud is challenging, given that each provider has different mechanisms and processes.

Cloud ☁️ Security Handbook helps you to understand how to embed security best practices in each of the infrastructure building blocks that exist in public clouds.

This book will enable information 💡 security and cloud engineers to recognize the risks 😱 involved in public cloud and find out how to implement security controls 🕹️ as they design, build, and maintain environments in the cloud.

You'll begin by learning 👩‍🏫 about the shared responsibility model, cloud service models, and cloud deployment models, before getting to grips with the fundamentals of compute, storage, networking 🔌, identity management, encryption, and more.

Next, you'll explore common threats 🦹‍♂️ and discover how to stay in compliance in cloud environments.

As you make progress, you'll implement security in small-scale cloud environments through to production-ready large-scale environments, including hybrid clouds and multi-cloud environments.

This book not only focuses 🔎 on cloud services in general, but it also provides actual examples for using AWS, Azure, and GCP built-in services and capabilities.

By the end of this cloud security book, you'll have gained a solid 🪨 understanding of how to implement security in cloud environments effectively.

Offer Expires 11/10/2022

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