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Entry-level software developer? Learn React to get that first job

=>Go and Kotlin are also good bets for developers with just a few years of experience — not Java.

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―Despite the relentless demand for software engineering professionals, entry-level and college-graduate developers still have a tough path to their first paid gig.💲

―The most common entry-level role in the US is for React developers.👨‍💻
―52% of React-proficient jobs are open to entry-level developers,
while there is only 14% of Java entry-level jobs available.☕
―Java jobs are hot, but not realistic for entry-level developers.🤩
―As Mark Lassoff (a recognized programming instructor) wrote: "I think Java is better to look at once you have some experience”.🧙‍♂️
―Note: The best language skills for developers with some experience are Go, Scala and React🏆
Rate of interview requests increase by language:
=>Go: 2.4 times
=>Scala: 2.3 times
=>React: 2.7 times