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Email Is Terrible by Neil Green

· workplace


Email is the worst form of communication in common usage today. The only redeeming characteristic of email is to create proof that at some point in time, you tried to inform someone of something. In this way, it is very similar to its direct ancestor: paper mail delivered by the postal service, and it is just as obsolete. Unfortunately, as remote work has become an immediate necessity for millions of people worldwide, email has become a primary form of communication.


―Information vs communication

―Writing is an art form

―Are you so comfortable with writing that you would need no follow-up conversation?

―Emails have even kept salutations and signatures as an archaic holdover from when we penned ink onto paper.

―Everything an email can do a webpage can do better.

―How would an organization even communicate that it was no longer using email?

―The majority of humans are uncomfortable making eye contact with a camera.

―Email cripples communication and robs our productivity.